Wedding of Lourens and Natanja

Jacques Strydom Photography

Lourens and Natanja tied the knot at The Farm Inn, Pretoria on 6 September 2015.  Tero and Gisella are living in Portugal and flew in for their daughter’s wedding, together with their son Gabs.  Everything went exactly as planned. As with all weddings, the schedule experienced some minor major challenges.    Father of the bride, Tero Pinheiro, could not locate his belt for some reason while getting ready. Upon arrival at the venue,  Gerhard, father of the groom, realised he had “forgotten” his mother-in-law (which make her Ouma Natie for the groom) at the guest house. I can understand misplacing your belt, but please – how do you misplace your mother in law??? So eventually Ouma Natie also arrived to join the wedding party, fortunately  still in time to beat the bride to it with and hour or so to spare.  Reason being that upon arrival at the venue…

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