Wedding In Hawaii: Why Hawaii Wedding Packages Are A Safe Bet?

Who doesn’t want to marry in Hawaii, a place known for its charismatic natural beauty! But you know what destination weddings are not as simple as they look in pictures. You have to do a lot of preparations and planning. And, when you have already planned a wedding in Hawaii then I don’t think so there is any better option than Hawaii wedding packages. Unlike your hometown, it’s difficult to arrange everything yourself in some other country. In such a scenario, going with packaged deals is the best way to have the best of everything on your big day. From stunning venues, beautiful Hawaii wedding locations, top-notch service to incredible amenities, there’s nothing which these packages can’t provide you. So availing them will only help cut your extra wedding costs which will let you have the best wedding arrangements in Hawaii.


Since you are new to Hawaii and are not very well accustomed to its big day services so Hawaii wedding packages come in handy and can make your entire wedding preparations fun and interesting. These packages are designed according to the specific requirements of the bride and groom. The couple just has to find out what they exactly want and what they don’t want for their wedding in Hawaii and have to pick the package accordingly. The best part about availing Hawaii wedding packages is you can make significant additions and subtractions according to you in order to make your destination wedding unique and special.

Believe me; you can make your wedding in Hawaii a breeze with these Hawaii wedding packages. You can’t even imagine the level of services which you can get under these packages. Certainly, worth your money! Even if you decide to plan everything yourself, you won’t be able to achieve the level of perfection which these wedding packages can offer in the same budget. So why waste your time and money in doing all those arrangements yourself, just buy a package that can fulfill all your requirements.

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Can you imagine the amount you will have to spend on each service if you go without a package? Simply start calculating from those basics first; which will cover flowers, decorations, music, dresses and so on. When these few services are only requiring such a big amount then what would be the expected amount for the entire wedding in Hawaii? Without a doubt, it will burn a hole in your pockets. So don’t you think picking up suitable Hawaii wedding packages can make a great difference to your expenses?  Then why not go for them.

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No matter what size or theme you want for your big day, these packages have got everything covered. Now you don’t have to look for separate services when everything is available at reasonable prices. From photography, videos to food and beverages, your Hawaii Wedding Packages will help you arrange a magical big day, making it the most unforgettable moment of your life.

So, don’t let your wedding preparations be ruined by heavy expenses. Order your package now!

How to Approach Highest Quality and Affordable Hawaii Wedding Packages?

Affordable Hawaii Wedding Packages

The Hawaii wedding industry offers abundance of choices for couples who dream to get hitched in Hawaii! A wedding is a very special moment that you hopefully do only once in your life. However, many young couples are worried they cannot afford the wedding of their dreams. But, it is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion; you should make it as special and memorable as possible. At Wed Aloha, we offer a wide array of Hawaii wedding packages from simple to extravagant.

Here are few tips to acquire Hawaii wedding packages for your destination wedding:

  • The first tip is simple. In spite of the fact that you need many people to go to your Hawaii wedding, the more individuals that come, the more it’s going to cost. Therefore, don’t welcome everybody and their sibling. Keep the measure of individuals that you bring along on your wedding constrained to only a couple chose individuals. All things considered, half of the guest that you wind up welcoming is not going can’t come. So thinking welcoming close relatives, bridesmaids and that is it.
  • Second, do your own bar! This implies don’t pay additional cash to lease a bar or have a cook deal with your bar. On the off chance that you do, then you are going to pay a huge amount of cash. Purchase your own liquor and convey it to the after gathering. Obviously, in the event that you would prefer not to purchase liquor, then you can simply have a dry wedding. This will spare you a huge amount of cash whichever way you run with it. On the other hand, on the off chance that you need to have some liquor there, then you purchase your own. It’s the best way to go.
  • Next, don’t purchase the most costly hall that you can discover. Without a doubt it may look decent; however it’s going to cost a considerable measure. More often than not you can discover serene corridors that don’t cost a great deal. That is your fundamental objective. Do some exploration online to see what sort of halls that you can fine.
  • With regards to finishing your wedding; don’t become involved with all the diverse knickknacks that you can purchase for weddings. Simply concentrate on the principle things that you need to purchase. All things considered, the subject will be Hawaii, and you are now in Hawaii! The amount more themed would you be able to get then that! In the meantime keep it an easygoing wedding. Hawaii is a much laid back spot, and it’s the ideal spot to not spruce up if you would prefer not to.



Top 5 Destination Wedding locations to get hitched in Hawaii

Getting hitched in Hawaii is a big business. The best thing about a Hawaiian wedding is that you can get hitched within affordability and can find a venue with large gathering. There are numerous beautiful beaches to get married. All beaches are public so you cannot host a reception on the beach even if you wanted to. And in some cases, you cannot even put chairs on the sand for your guests. So, if decide that you want a beach wedding you must have to find a different venue for the reception unless you decide on a private estate that has beach access. It is imperative to find exclusive Hawaii Wedding Packages for your wedding.

Here are few top listed Hawaii wedding venues:

Surf Song- Kauai wedding

Surf Song- Kauai– Surf Song is the perfect venue for a small wedding and reception of approx 10 to 20 people. In this location, there is a small sandy beach where you can plan your Hawaii wedding. This stunning place has sea turtles (honu), dolphins, and during whale season Humpback whales frolic enhancing the beauty.

Puakea Ranch-Big Island wedding

Puakea Ranch-Big Island- This big island of HAWAII is renown for the volcanoes and beaches. Puakea Ranch is the perfect venue to tie a knot. This island is surrounded by ancient lava rock walls the ranch has historic guest houses, vast lawns, rolling green hills, ocean vistas, beautiful gardens and giant trees. There are numerous small cottages on the property so you can do the wedding reception and honeymoon right there!

Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens – Kauai wedding

Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens – Kauai– Kauia has a number of magnificent and stunning gardens. The Na Aina Kai Botanical Gardens is not an inexpensive place to get hitched but it is extremely versatile. This island is extremely suitable for the reception. Na Aina Kai has waterfalls, meadows, forest, beaches on the ocean, and lagoons. It is a photographer’s dream venue. This spot is perfect for a memorable wedding in Hawaii.

Kona Beach Bungalows  wedding

Kona Beach Bungalows – Big Island- At the Kona Beach Bungalows, you can arrange your wedding party and celebrate the festivities too. This estate has an amazing lava rock saltwater pool and Jacuzzi with a lushly landscaped yard that overlooks the ocean. This spot has a stunning view of the sunset so it would be a great spot to tie the knot as the sun goes down.

Haiku Mill – Maui wedding

Haiku Mill – Maui- This spot is stunning to get hitched in Hawaii. There is old world charm oozing out of every corner of the implausible setting. At this venue, you can happily combine the wedding and reception for up to 120 seated 150 guests cocktail style. Shabby chic cottage is also available for pre-ceremony preparations.

Try beautiful Oahu locations for destination Hawaii wedding!!!

A Wedding in HawaiiAre you seeking for destination Hawaii wedding? Hiring Wed Aloha wedding planners is a wise choice. Everyone consider wedding planning to be stressful especially destination wedding. Wed Aloha has skilled Hawaii wedding planners to make your wedding day perfect for you. Our wedding planners have access to a variety of great locations. There are many numbers of beautiful locations on OAHU where you can tie a knot and make your day memorable. There are so many beaches and islands where you can get hitched.

Wedding in Waialae Beach ParkWaialae Beach Park- Waialae Beach Park in Honolulu near the posh Kahala Hotel is popular because of its proximity to Waikiki. It is a beach park with a beautiful peninsula and island and lovely landscaping & coconut trees. It is the perfect backdrop for your Wedding in Hawaii. According to most wedding websites offering wedding ceremonies on Oahu, Waialae Beach is among the most popular.

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Wedding in Magic IslandMagic Island– Make your wedding or renewal ceremony a special event in Hawaii! Magic Island Beach Park, located just adjacent to Waikiki is an idyllic setting for your special day. There is ample parking, but can be crowded on weekends. Magic Island is on the wedge-shaped peninsula extending from Ala Moana Park out to a lagoon with a curved sandy beach, awesome views of Waikiki coastline & Diamond Head and the park terminates in a massive rock jetty. This location offers beautiful views of Downtown Honolulu and Waikiki. It’s also close and convenient to many restaurants for a reception or dinner after the ceremony.

Wedding in Makapu’u Beach

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Makapu’u Beach- Makapu’u Beach is located on the East Shore roughly 40 minutes from Waikiki. A soft white sand beach, traditional black lava rock it may be the perfect venue for you. The place name of this area, meaning “bulging eye” in Hawaiian, is thought to derive from the name of an image said to have been located in a cave here called Keanaokeakuapōloli. The entire area is quite breathtaking and offers an amazing panoramic view.

Wedding in Lanai LookoutLanai Lookout- Heaven’s Point is best in the morning to the early afternoon. Couples without guests can choose this as a ceremony location; however, Kailua and Waimanalo are recommended for couple with additional guests. Lanai Lookout is located on the Southeast shore roughly 30 minutes from Waikiki. It is one of the most dazzling locations Oahu has to offer. The waves below are crashing, creating a dramatic backdrop. Lanai Lookout is located on Oahu’s southeast shore right on Kalanianaole Highway. It is one of three main roadside lookout points on this scenic stretch of coastline.

Wedding in West OahuWest Oahu- In this location, Sunset is visible all year round. Really harsh side-light because of the geography! Costly to have us drive out there!

Wedding of Lourens and Natanja

Jacques Strydom Photography

Lourens and Natanja tied the knot at The Farm Inn, Pretoria on 6 September 2015.  Tero and Gisella are living in Portugal and flew in for their daughter’s wedding, together with their son Gabs.  Everything went exactly as planned. As with all weddings, the schedule experienced some minor major challenges.    Father of the bride, Tero Pinheiro, could not locate his belt for some reason while getting ready. Upon arrival at the venue,  Gerhard, father of the groom, realised he had “forgotten” his mother-in-law (which make her Ouma Natie for the groom) at the guest house. I can understand misplacing your belt, but please – how do you misplace your mother in law??? So eventually Ouma Natie also arrived to join the wedding party, fortunately  still in time to beat the bride to it with and hour or so to spare.  Reason being that upon arrival at the venue…

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How to arrange beautiful Beach weddings in Hawaii?

IMG_5183affordable hawaii wedding packages

Wedding is the most exceptional day in everybody’s life and we all make it essential and wish to fill that day with enduring recollections. As a bride each young lady has wish to get married on a delightful white sand shoreline with the delicate ocean breeze and aroma of excellent and crisp blossoms. On the off chance that you have the same yearning for your wedding day, pick Hawaii Beach Wedding topic. Hawaii turns into a standout amongst the most favored destinations for wedding reason in light of its awesome islands excellence and other lavish surroundings that makes your wedding day more noteworthy for you and your visitor also.

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The vast majority of the individuals incline toward shoreline wedding on the grounds that it is less demanding to arrange in examination to conventional wedding and there is no other place superior to anything Hawaii to get married. Long extends of white sand and dark volcanic rock, truly includes beautiful scene in your wedding beautification. Envision turquoise water, wedding seats wearing white dresses, delightful and brilliant scented blooms and celestial magnificence of islands with white sand, all makes your wedding place simply like a paradise. This is not all the end, as alongside this, picking beach wedding offers you extensive variety of different advantages.

img_7296There are two alternatives accessible for you in the event that you are searching for the shoreline wedding, one is resort organizer and other one is you can mastermind it yourself. On the off chance that you are masterminding it yourself, you have to take authorization to utilize shoreline and need to arrange for every last thing yourself. On the other hand, in the event that you are considering a resort destination, then you don’t have to stress over anything as they have an organizer who arrangements everything for you to fill your heart with joy more extraordinary.


At the point when settling on a beach wedding in Hawaii, it can be as confusing as picking the right wedding dress. Inquiries for example, which island would it be advisable for us to go to? How would we know whether we will have a peaceful beach? What happens if it’s breezy or stormy? The Island of Oahu is the most advantageous island to host a shoreline wedding in Hawaii.

Oahu is known as the Social event Place or the Heart of Hawaii. Verifiable, this exceptional island highlights the most excellent shorelines in the whole state. A Hawaii shoreline wedding is as extraordinary as the couple getting hitched. There are a few shorelines in Hawaii to have your service and photographs tackled. Numerous individuals choose Waikiki Beach. Albeit advantageous, building cranes and perhaps a traveler or two appearing in your wedding photographs will bring about different exposures being taken to hit the nail on the head.

Great tips to hire the professional wedding organizer

tips to hire the professional wedding organizerWedding planning is no simple accomplishment. Regardless of the possibility that you’re sorting out a personal event, there’s a ton of work included. Here are 10 tips on the best way to effectively organize a photo immaculate wedding from master wedding organizer.

  1. This ought to be your first choice

In case you’re even ambiguously considering employing a wedding organizer, you ought to choose that first. The more included in your wedding the organizer is, the more probable it is that she can spare you cash and bother.

  1. Comprehend what sort of wedding organizer you need

Wedding Planners help you make your vision of the day of your wedding. The organizer can deal with every one of the points of interest from pre-selecting sellers for you to choosing the request of the accepting line.

  1. Do your exploration

Likewise with any wedding seller, getting proposals and referrals from loved ones is an extraordinary approach to begin your exploration. lets customers post appraisals and audits of merchants with the goal that you can guarantee you’re picked organizer is on a par with she appears.

  1. Pay consideration on fit

Indeed, even the best wedding organizer on Earth wouldn’t be an ideal choice for each couple. Motion pictures and unscripted television shows make it appear to be typical for wedding organizers to be bossy or domineering; however as a general rule this individual ought to be useful and understanding.

  1. Get some information about her commission policy

Some wedding organizers get commissions from merchants for alluding customers to them. In these cases an organizer refers you to a food provider or caterer, you enlist the cook, and as a thank you to the organizer, the cook gives the organizer a commission or finder’s fee.

  1. See how organizers work, and how that functions for you

It’s basic business practice to give unique rebates or advantages to rehash clients. Since they realize that on the off chance that they benefit a vocation the wedding organizer will keep giving them customers, numerous sellers will offer exceptional rebates and services to the customers of a wedding organizer.

  1. Comprehend your agreement

Make a point to peruse and comprehend your agreement. Diverse wedding organizers charge in distinctive ways. Some have particular packages from which you can pick.

  1. Tips

If the organizer brings a colleague for the day of the wedding, you may need to part the tip between them or tip the aide independently.

  1. Collect the point of interest

Give yourself a lot of time to peruse through your wedding organizer’s agreement and verify it is point of interest rich, records administrations, assignments and duties particularly.

  1. Meeting them through Skype or Google

This is so essential and why you ought to restricted down your pursuit before you pick. It is pivotal that you become more acquainted with your potential wedding organizer before you book them so in the wake of picking your main three from email correspondence, set up a Skype call or Google hangout.

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