Around The World For Your D-Day: Spotting The Best Destination Wedding Spots

Weddings are always fun and when it is a destination wedding things become even more exciting. After all, it’s not just about the cake, dresses or the flowers but the venue that in stores the biggest style punch. Forget those sunny tropical backdrops or pre-wedding beauty treatments, the real delight of destination weddings like Hawaii wedding lies in their seamless transition from wedding day to honeymoon. Certainly, nothing can be more romantic than having your marriage and honeymoon at the same place.  So travel, relax and make a lot of memories for your new life.

Why spend your hard-earned money on a lavish local wedding when destination weddings are so reasonable. Yes, you read it right; these weddings are not expensive as they seem rather they are the best ways to get hitched. We all know how stressful these weddings are in real life because of all that organization stuff so going with a destination wedding like that of Beach Hawaii wedding is sure to end your anxiety and cut your extra expenses.

Although there is no match to Hawaii wedding and the affordability of Hawaii wedding packages when it comes to destination weddings but there are many other exotic, remote, and breathtaking locales also where you can say “I Do” in style. Just get ready to pick one to host your perfect destination nuptials.

•    We Don’t Want To Miss Hawaii In The List, So Let’s Start With It: For the couples who have already planned a Hawaii wedding and have shortlisted the suitable Hawaii wedding packages make sure your big day beautifully captures the scenic beauty of Hawaii. It is the mesmerizing locations of the Hawaiian Islands, its pristine beaches, exhilarating cliffs, and lush mountains that make Hawaii one of the top wedding destinations in the world. And, the best part about tying a knot here is that you just require a fee of $60 and a photo ID to be called as newlyweds.


•    Jamaica Makes Another Beautiful Wedding Spot: It has many gorgeous wedding backdrops that will leave a long-lasting impression on your memories. The white-sand beaches and the mountains here are so graceful that you will wish your wedding day to last forever. The seemingly untouched natural setting of this spot is something you won’t find anywhere.


•    Organize An Adventure Wedding In South Africa: South Africa is a perfect destination wedding spot for the couples who love outdoor adventures. You will find many beautiful spots to take your vows here. Its awe-inspiring countryside surrounded by stretches of vineyards is one of the best things you’ll ever see in your life.

Adventure-Wedding-In-South Africa.jpg

•    Maldives, A Perfect Romantic Place To Say “I Do”: If you want to have a small intimate wedding then go for Maldives. It is an amazing place to enjoy your everlasting bond of love and commitment. A place to experience something beautiful and different with your life partner.


Well, this list doesn’t stop here; there are countless spots to go for. Pick yours and make it a memory.

Wedding In Hawaii: Start Your Love Story In The Most Romantic Way

It’s very true that marriages are made in heaven but how we arrange them on the earth is what makes them a heavenly affair. The Hawaiian culture wedding is its perfect example. The people who plan a Hawaiian wedding know that they are doing something different from the rest of the world. They are arranging the most beautiful thing for their big day, which will make an everlasting memory. Although, getting married is a memory in itself but arranging a wedding in Hawaii will create completely different moments for sure. And, it is also easy. You just have to choose from the best Hawaii wedding packages to celebrate your commitment of love on the Hawaiian Islands.


If you are somebody deeply and madly in love with nature then, Hawaii beach wedding things will make a perfect choice for you. The dreamy tropical sunshine, the soft sandy toes, and world class beaches of Hawaii are something not to be missed if you want a Hawaii beach wedding. Believe me, it’s an ultimate wedding destination, a mesmerizing balance of natural beauty, adventure, and romance. You will get everything here to make your special day more special from a spectacular oceanfront ceremony spot, conch shell blessing to a romantic dinner under the stars. Just look for ideal Hawaii wedding packages and see your grand day falling into place in the most beautiful way. Certainly, a great way to witness a royal Aloha moment!

Also, for couples who didn’t have the chance to have a Hawaiian culture wedding in their time, Hawaii vow renewals services can help them relive their memories. The island in stores a lot of options for married pairs who want to strengthen their bond of love once again. This can be your first anniversary time or any of your special days. You won’t get any better place to refresh your wedding moments than Hawaii. It’s truly a heaven on earth that serves as the best medium to connect two heavenly souls in a soulful way. Anybody who’s thinking about celebrating their marriage or engagement anniversary, it’s time you plan a Hawaiian wedding and witness the beauty of Hawaii vow renewals services closely.

Couples usually refrain from planning a destination wedding due to the expenses incurred for the entire process. But you know what; wedding in Hawaii is not that difficult, it’s neither too expensive nor too ordinary. Everything can be planned wonderfully if you have got the right Hawaii wedding packages with you. Then you can go for anything from beaches to resorts to islands. You can get married in the modern American style or can opt for a Hawaiian culture wedding to experience its relaxed simplicity. So, it all lies in the type of package you choose to go with, which lets you commemorate your most substantial event the way you want.

Guys, seriously, your romantic wedding getaway to these islands will be a total breeze. Look no further and plan a Hawaiian wedding right now!

Know the Celebrities Who Tied A Knot in Hawaii

Have you generally longed for trading pledges with your proposed with your toes delved into the warm sand of a Hawaiian beach? Does a destination Hawaii wedding to the tropics tempt you with its selectiveness and extravagance? Is it true that you are enamored with the possibility of an easygoing wedding in Hawaii with plumerias and orchids as your flower plan? At that point Hawaii is the perfect spot for your wedding.


Hawaii is a brilliant spot to get married, and it’s no big surprise why such a large number of superstars are picking the islands as well. It’s tropical, breathtaking, easygoing yet top of the line, and elite so if you plan to have your wedding in Hawaii, you require look no further. You’re just integral element is which island to pick. In any case, when you talk with one of our nearby, master specialists, they will help you through at all times. From picking which island to marry on to the tropical mixed drink to serve your visitors, our operators will beat the opposition, however all the more essentially, your desires.

Here are some of the celebrities who get hitched in Hawaii:

Matthew Morrison & Renee Puente: The two were hitched in a cozy festival before 50 family and companions on a private domain in Kihei on the island of Maui, Hawaii. Morrison wore a custom Brooks Brothers tuxedo for the event, while the lady of the hour wore an exceptional Gustavo Cadile outfit with shoes uniquely composed by Emmy London. In that wedding of Hawaii evening, Puente put on an uncommon hula execution for Morrison, and he then went along with her in a couple’s form.

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Jenson & Jessica: Jenson has been dating the Japanese-Argentine model since 2008. The two tied a bunch in a luxurious destination Hawaii function in 2015. Looking perfect in a tasteful ivory outfit, supermodel Jessica, 30, was headed to the venue in an exemplary Pontiac Le Mans convertible. Once there, she then got together with Jenson, 34, who cut a good looking figure in his naval force blue suit. Wedding, in reality, was well-arranged.


Danica McKellar & Scott Sveslosky: The upbeat couple got married before close family and companions in a beachfront service on Kauai, Hawaii in 2014. Just four months subsequent to reporting their engagement, on-screen character Danica McKeller and lawyer Scott Sveslosky have got married in a close function throughout the weekend on the Hawaiian island of Kauai.


Anna Faris & Chris Pratt: House Bunny on-screen character Anna Faris got married with her performing artist life partner Chris Pratt in a serene spot in Hawaii on July 9. Anna Faris and Chris Pratt were hitched in a cool space in Hawaii and added fun and excitement to that moment.


Well, Hawaii weddings are perfect in every way. Many celebrities get hitched in Hawaii due to its exceptional beauty, nature and landscape!

Hawaii Weddings: Let’s Get Ready For An Unforgettable Experience!

With more and more people looking out for a destination wedding, Hawaii has certainly become the most popular pick. From its exotic venues to breathtaking scenic beauty, Hawaii Weddings are simply unique. And, the best part is anyone can plan out a wedding in Hawaii, thanks to its budget-friendly Hawaii Wedding Packages. Getting married at a place like this is not less than a dream. The beauty of the place itself is heavenly and it looks as if the entire nature has come together to be the part of your big day. This is the reason Hawaii Weddings have been a favorite choice for years.

How-necessary-is-the-wedding coordinator for-Hawaii-Weddings

A wedding is a pious ceremony that brings along commitments, romance, and expectations. Therefore, one must make the most of it. It should be a fun-filled event, something worth remembering. And, your wedding in Hawaii is that something, which will give you many timeless moments. You just have to do the right planning to turn it into an unforgettable experience.

We know planning a dream wedding is a huge challenge and when it is about Hawaii Weddings, the distance itself is a big challenge. But with a range of Hawaii wedding packages these days, planning a wedding in Hawaii has become easier. From the decoration to the venue selection, you can rely upon these services to enjoy the wedding of your dreams.

Well, it’s not just about the wedding venue; there are a lot of things involved in a destination wedding. I hope this questionnaire will help you in planning out the best wedding in Hawaii.

How necessary is the wedding coordinator for Hawaii Weddings?

If your wedding in Hawaii is a destination wedding then you must go for a wedding coordinator. It is wise to have someone working on your behalf as you are unknown to that place. With so many things to plan from dinners, functions to the wedding, there are a lot of preparations. Only a good coordinator can plan things according to you by using his knowledge and resources. So from flowers, photographers, entertainment to food, it is this person you will require the most for a successful destination wedding.

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Which Hawaiian Islands should you choose for your wedding in Hawaii?

It is the beauty of Hawaii only that has made Hawaii Weddings so popular. So no matter which island you go for you will surely witness the exquisiteness of this place. The vast stretches of its sandy beaches, high-class resorts, incredible coral reefs, amazing mountains, lush greenery and picturesque waterfalls makes its every island one of its kind. So you can choose any for your wedding.

What about Hawaiian weather? Is it consistent for all the year round?

Well, the island experiences multiple micro climates so it can be dry at some places and raining at some. Therefore, it is always advisable to have a Plan B as a backup for a wedding in Hawaii.

Your wedding is a special time that demands special attention. Just prioritize things and plan them accordingly to have one of the best Hawaii Weddings.

Hawaii Weddings: Do The Right Planning To Make Your Dream Come True!

We all know hassles of planning a destination wedding. Though exciting but this type of marriage ceremonies demands a lot of time, efforts, and preparations. And, when it is Hawaii Weddings on your mind, there is a long list of options to choose from. It can be on a beach at dusk, under the water, in some majestic garden, underneath a tropical waterfall, on some private resort or on an isolated island. There are a lot of things to plan about Hawaii Weddings and this is what makes them interesting and memorable. From its exotic locations to sexy weather conditions, Hawaii has always been a preferred choice for weddings. You just have to plan it right to make it more awesome.


For wedding preparations to be successful you have to do a good research work and when it is a destination wedding, definitely your research gets doubled. You are unaware of the place, you don’t know the people there and a lot of other things are needed to be worked on. So, the best way to get things done in a right way is to prepare a plan list. I hope the following checklist will help you to plan out the best wedding in Hawaii.

•    Decide Your Date And Choose From The Various Hawaii Wedding Packages

If you want to have your wedding in Hawaii, you must decide your marriage date beforehand. This is important to get your favourite hotel booked on time. Once your venue is booked, all other wedding related things will fall into place accordingly. You can now pick the most suitable Hawaii wedding packages for your decided marriage date, which will cover your wedding invitations, a wedding planner, and arrangements like decoration, music and so on. So before planning out anything else, plan your date first.

•    It’s Time To Pick Some Exotic Location For Your Reception

Once your wedding date is decided, start finding out the venue for your Hawaii Wedding. If you are unable to visit Hawaii for your venue selection, then ask your wedding planner to send you pictures and details of different locations. In this way, you can shortlist some of the best ones for your big day and can ask your planner to pick any one from these and start the preparations for your wedding in Hawaii. Another way to plan this out is you can send the selected pictures to your wedding planner, convey them the idea and style of your Hawaii Wedding and let them handle everything.

•    Look For Wedding Favors, These Will Set The Mood Of Your Hawaii Wedding

No matter what type of Hawaii Wedding packages you are availing, there is always a room for add-ons to make things more interesting. Ask for the wedding favors that will reflect the theme of your wedding in Hawaii or if you have something special in your mind, do ask for it.

Well, a destination wedding is not that difficult to arrange and if it is a Hawaii Wedding things get more interesting and enjoyable.

How to Pull off a Hawaii Wedding Theme Reception?

No matter your Hawaiian wedding reception will be indoor or outdoor, it may be quite easy and economical to arrange if you following some tips and guidelines.  A Hawaiian theme generally depicts beach views, sunsets, blossoms, leis, live music and luaus. In order to make a perfect Hawaiian celebration, it is imperative to add Hawaiian theme elements for your tropical Hawaii wedding reception. From food to music, decorations to guests’ welcome, all aspects must showcase Hawaiian theme and culture.


In this article, I have compiled a list of methods to pull off a classic Hawaiian wedding reception:

#Method1: Consider Hawaiian Attire

A Hawaiian bride must wear Hawaiian dress. It may be a white colored long gown and a ring of flowers around her head to complement her dress. A Hawaiian groom wears a white shirt and a white pant. The Hawaiian wedding reception theme may be formal or informal. Well, you can ask wedding guests to create a Hawaiian atmosphere by wearing Hawaiian shirts or dresses at wedding and reception.

#Method2: Leis for wedding and Reception Guests

As your wedding guests enter the reception, it’s better to adorn them with leis. In Hawaii, lei depict love, dignity and respect. You can choose maile leis or kukui nut leis for male guests. For female guests, silk flower leis are perfect. Guests love to receive love and respect at weddings of Hawaii.

#Method3: Offer Hawaiian Name Tags

Planning to carry out Hawaiian theme reception by offering Hawaiian name tags or place cards for guest is fun and exciting. It will make your guests feel more special with your Hawaii wedding and reception invitation.

#Method4: Focus on Hawaiian Decorations

It is obvious that for Hawaiian theme wedding and receptions, decorations are also Hawaiian based. You can use tiki torches for lightening. Trust me, it will spice up your wedding reception evening. You can also tie fabric to tiki torches to enhance decoration sense in the reception or venue space. Still, you are missing something very important and appealing. Guess what??? Well, it’s table decoration! It’s your wedding reception, so don’t forget to decorate tables with tropical fruits, tropical flowers or coconut shells.

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#Method5: Select Hawaiian themed wedding Music

For your Hawaiian wedding and reception, why not you hire a live band or guitarist? Hawaiian themed wedding music can add more fun and excitement to your wedding event or reception. Well, hula dance can add recreation to the reception. So, you can also hire a hula dance who can teach hula dance to reception guests.

#Method6: Order A Hawaiian Wedding Cake

As it’s a special day for you, so order a Hawaiian wedding cake which decorated with fresh flowers. It will add taste to your Hawaiian wedding and reception.

Keep in mind that it’s your reception, so focus on the arrangements that appeal to you and your guests. Be it a wedding dress, food, live music, wedding cake, everything must be perfect and beyond expectations to have a memorable and perfect wedding in Hawaii.

3 Things to Do for Planning Wedding in Hawaii


Have you got engaged over the holidays? That’s great! Have you started planning for your wedding? It’s not too early if you are planning to get hitched in Hawaii. Planning a wedding must not be difficult, frustrating or time-consuming. Getting hitched in Hawaii is not easy. There are a lot of things that you need to do for affordable Hawaii weddings.

Here are top 3 things you need to do for successful wedding in Hawaii:

Choose the Wedding Venue and Reception Venue: It is imperative to choose a Hawaii wedding location before approaching towards other wedding plans. In order to save money on Hawaii wedding, it is recommended to consider housing your wedding guests at the same venue where your wedding will take place. Hawaii offers a number of hotels and resorts for weddings with guest accommodations for the entire wedding event and guests.

Select the Wedding Date: When you know the Hawaii wedding venue, the further imperative stride is to choose a date for the wedding in Hawaii! Knowing the venue before the date grants you to choose a wedding date knowing your favored wedding venue will have the capacity to oblige your big day on Hawaii. After the date is chosen and your guests have been told, whatever is left of the arranging ought to start at the earliest opportunity. Since despite everything you will be ahead of schedule all the while and without guests’ affirmations, make certain your wedding service providers are adaptable to changing visitor numbers. At first, you’ll need to assess the visitor tally and after that finish the services required in view of the genuine number of guests going to. Though most Hawaii weddings normal between 35 to 50 persons, bigger Hawaii weddings are possible and numerous are little with simply the lady and prepare or joined by just their nearest relatives and friends.

Hire a Dedicated Wedding Planner: Once the date of your wedding in Hawaii is selected, you must look for a professional wedding planner who can take responsibility of all the wedding activities to make your special day memorable. You can plan wedding in Hawaii within budget by explaining your financial status to the wedding planner in advance. Be sure to share your wedding ideas and requirements with your wedding planner so that everything will be done smoothly. There are numerous wedding planners in Hawaii who offer wedding packages. Check latest Hawaii wedding packages and pick the best package according to your need and affordability. Wedding photography, videos, flowers, vow renewals, music, limousine, bridal make up etc are the major services that a wedding planner offers. So, be sure to find a professional wedding planner in Hawaii for the most romantic and affordable Hawaiian wedding.

Top 7 Hawaii Wedding Locations to Tie a Knot in Hawaii!!!

Getting hitched in Hawaii is highly romantic and intimate. In Hawaii, you can find a venue that accommodates hundreds. There are beautiful beaches, islands and other different venues for romantic Hawaii wedding. This state has hundreds of hotels and resorts where a couple can vow to love one another for life or tie a knot.

Here are the top wedding locations to get married in a most romantic way:

Hawaii-wedding-location-Heaven's Point

Heaven’s Point is situated on the Southeast shore approximately 30 minutes from Waikiki. It is a standout amongst the most shocking areas Oahu brings to the table. From the post parking garage, you take after your picture taker on to the rough bluffs which ignore the turquoise blue sea. The waves beneath are smashing, making a sensational setting for your wedding photographs! Given there is no shoreline access and visitors are not allowed to take after the picture takers amid the shoot, we principally utilize Heaven’s Point as a second area. Sherwood Forest at Waimanalo Bay and Makapu’u are two dazzling choices close by to have your function and first photograph shoot.


Liliuokalani Waterfalls is situated in Central Oahu approximately 30 minutes from Waikiki. Due to the likelihood of harsh climate, we regularly utilize the falls as a second area. This venue conveys awesome recorded hugeness as this is the place Queen Liliuokalani would go to bathe. There are not very many common waterfalls on Oahu that are effortlessly open. This venue offers a tropical vibe without the test of trekking. For bundles with limousine transportation, this area requires one extra hour


Island Water Sports Hawaii Imagine yourself in the midst of the penetrating blue Hawaiian sea, encompassed by your family and companions as you grasp your future spouse or wife to-be. Weddings of Hawaii gladly present our most up to date area, a Wedding at Sea! Accessible for services, gatherings or both!


Robust Koa Hotel is right in the heart of Waikiki. The grounds are rich and tropical with access to the celebrated Waikiki Beach. There are numerous choices for functions inside of the lodging grounds that are private and can suit different gathering sizes.

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Precious stone Head Beach Park is found 10 minutes from Waikiki. It is a calm park with a plenitude of palm trees settled at the foot of Diamond Head Crater. This area offers a breathtaking perspective of the dusk while the sea waves crash against the stones. The function happens in the grass or on the stone stage neglecting the sea. In light of the evolving tides, the shoreline beneath is not generally open.

At Wed Aloha (A Wedding in Hawaii ), you can choose the most romantic wedding venue to plan your Hawaii wedding within budget and in a special way. Let’s add more excitement to your special day!

Top Tips to Hawaii Wedding Skin and Hair Care


If you are planning to be headed to Hawaii for a beach wedding, it is imperative to consider your hair and skin as you want to be the most beautiful bride ever! Warm temperatures, wind, humidity and sun heat affects the skin in any way.

So, Here are few Hair care tips by experts at Wed Aloha:

Do seek for hair trimming or deep hair conditioning in order to have gorgeous hair style at your special Hawaii wedding event. Buy quality products to hydrate your hair. Try these products almost a week before your special day and choose to go to salon for a professional hair treatment.

If you have curly hair, you must try blow dry or you can have flat iron to make your hair straight that will make you look fabulous. Although, if weather is hot or somewhat warm on your wedding event, then you may have to feel beads of sweat! You may want to wear it up if your hair is longer, allowing a few delicate tendrils to fall around neck and ears for a romantic look.

Bendy hair can be given new life in warm climates; seek for the one that offers strong hold.

Regardless of what type of hair you have, it is advisable to pack travel size minis in the shampoo, conditioner, and hairspray that perfectly suitable for you.

Now highlighting gorgeous skin care tips for your wedding day:

Be sure to hydrate yourself in the wedding days and weeks near to the wedding event! Drink lots and lots of water to make you hydrate your skin and it will look shiny and luminous. Planning to get hitched in Hawaii can be somewhat stressful but you will never want to look dull at your wedding function at all.

Choose to use safety primer under your foundation to protect from the sun’s callous rays. Primers are effective to makeup go on perfectly, and last for long.

Also be sure to wear sunscreen every time while planning your
wedding in Hawaii
i.e. A day or two days prior to the actual wedding day! It will look worse if you will sit with dark red skin on your special life event i.e. your wedding. In case, you do get sunburned, drink lots of water to make your skin hydrated and apply calming products to eliminate redness on your skin quickly.

And now you get to know that it needs time to prepare your hair and skin for your wedding day. If you have planned for beach wedding in Hawaii, Contact Wed Aloha to learn about the amazing Hawaii wedding packages that are offered to couples. A gorgeous bride can add great touch and excitement to the wedding with her beautiful looks and style!

How to Approach Highest Quality and Affordable Hawaii Wedding Packages?

Affordable Hawaii Wedding Packages

The Hawaii wedding industry offers abundance of choices for couples who dream to get hitched in Hawaii! A wedding is a very special moment that you hopefully do only once in your life. However, many young couples are worried they cannot afford the wedding of their dreams. But, it is an once-in-a-lifetime occasion; you should make it as special and memorable as possible. At Wed Aloha, we offer a wide array of Hawaii wedding packages from simple to extravagant.

Here are few tips to acquire Hawaii wedding packages for your destination wedding:

  • The first tip is simple. In spite of the fact that you need many people to go to your Hawaii wedding, the more individuals that come, the more it’s going to cost. Therefore, don’t welcome everybody and their sibling. Keep the measure of individuals that you bring along on your wedding constrained to only a couple chose individuals. All things considered, half of the guest that you wind up welcoming is not going can’t come. So thinking welcoming close relatives, bridesmaids and that is it.
  • Second, do your own bar! This implies don’t pay additional cash to lease a bar or have a cook deal with your bar. On the off chance that you do, then you are going to pay a huge amount of cash. Purchase your own liquor and convey it to the after gathering. Obviously, in the event that you would prefer not to purchase liquor, then you can simply have a dry wedding. This will spare you a huge amount of cash whichever way you run with it. On the other hand, on the off chance that you need to have some liquor there, then you purchase your own. It’s the best way to go.
  • Next, don’t purchase the most costly hall that you can discover. Without a doubt it may look decent; however it’s going to cost a considerable measure. More often than not you can discover serene corridors that don’t cost a great deal. That is your fundamental objective. Do some exploration online to see what sort of halls that you can fine.
  • With regards to finishing your wedding; don’t become involved with all the diverse knickknacks that you can purchase for weddings. Simply concentrate on the principle things that you need to purchase. All things considered, the subject will be Hawaii, and you are now in Hawaii! The amount more themed would you be able to get then that! In the meantime keep it an easygoing wedding. Hawaii is a much laid back spot, and it’s the ideal spot to not spruce up if you would prefer not to.